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This is what we at Algonquin North recommend you pack for a summer canoe trip of 3 -7 nights in duration in the Algonquin Provincial Park area. When packing , you want to think "lightweight and compact", but take care not to compromise your overall comfort. Extra warm clothes, a hat and full rain gear are a must for everyone. Think function, not fashion. Also, layer your clothing to make the most use out of every item.
  • rain suit !!! -a must! pants & jacket with hood(ponchos & single layered nylon jackets won't do)

  • sun hat || long underwear ** (top & bottom) || T-shirt || shorts || long sleeved shirt

  • pants (i.e. wind pants) || socks || underwear || bathing suit || small towel
    sturdy pair boots/shoes (with good traction and support)

  • toque || shoes(these could be your "always dry" pair) || long underwear(top & bottom)

  • sweater(wool or fleece) || underwear || socks (wool)

  • toiletries(i.e. toothbrush/paste, essentials only) || flashlight || batteries (extra)

  • matches(waterproofed) || whistle || water bottle -a must! (approx. 1 litre) || sunscreen/lip balm

  • bug repellent ||plastic bags (extra) || canoe route map(waterproofed)|| first aid kit

  • book || journal/pen/paper || gloves(while paddling) || camera/film || binoculars

  • bandanna ||guide book || bug jacket/head net(May & June) || pocket knife

  • compass || fishing rod/tackle/license || rope/string (extra) || watch(waterproof)

  • wallet(needed in emergencies) || (VISA/Mastercard, money, medical ID)

  • cards/small games/musical instruments || sunglasses/case/strap

Try to avoid packing too much cotton. Cotton absorbs water like a wick and takes a long time to dry. Jeans not recommended
Clothing next to your skin should never be cotton. Materials such as polyesters (i.e. polypropylene) which moves moisture away from your body will keep you much warmer.